We are a Swiss startup based at EPFL (Lausanne Federal University). Our team has a strong know-how in biosensing, software, electronics and industrialisation. Check our current OPEN POSITIONS.

We are very proud to be supported by amazing companies and supportive institutions.

Our current focus is on the development, industrialisation & certification of SCEPTRE and its first module.


We believe that now is the time to improve healthcare system’s outcomes by using connected devices, state of the art biosensors and powerful algorithms. However, quality, price & usability will be key to enable the amazing opportunities offered by point of care tests.

Management Team

Arthur Queval

Co-Founder & CEO

Arthur completed his Master’s degree in Micro-engineering, with specialization in Bioengineering, at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) and McGill University, Montréal.


He started the SCEPTRE platform in 2013, after he worked 4 years as Innovation Project manager at the Swatch Group Ltd. where he supervised more than 15 projects (R&D, IP & Product Strategy, Industrialization).


Furthermore, he is the inventor of the first touchscreen-based biosensor, which is able to turn any Smartphone touchscreen into a medical device for blood diagnostic testing. All in all as a (co-)inventor, he counts more than 25 international patents related to the watchmaking and biomedical industries.

Risto Doncev

Chief Strategy Officer
Risto completed his Master’s degree in Micro-engineering at Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) and UCLA, Los Angeles. After completion of his studies he worked as Key Account Manager for a Swiss sensor company where he secured an exclusive contract with his key account in medical industry worth 50M USD.
Before joining Qloudlab as CSO, he was Business Development Director and focused on Asian markets. Currently, he is MBA candidate at HSG, St. Gallen.
Advisory Board

Arthur Queval

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Arthur, CEO and Chairman of the Board, started the SCEPTRE platform in 2013, after he worked 4 years as Innovation Project manager at the Swatch Group Ltd. . 

Simon Chaplin

CFO at CareFusion

He formerly hold the position of Finance Director of Neuromodulation Europe at Medtronic and responsible for the divestiture of 3 diagnostic businesses.
Furthermore, he worked for various mobile and software start-up companies in business development, strategic planning positions, and investment banking with Rothschilds.

Alain Rosier

CEO at PFM Medical

Alain Rosier is CEO of PFM Medical (Switzerland) which develops high-quality medical implants and disposable products.
He supports Qloudlab with his more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry.

Scientific Advisory Board


Lecturer at Sheffield University, UK

Ph. D Cecile Perrault is lecturer at the Department of Mechnical Engineering at the University of Sheffield (UK).
Formerly, she completed her postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University in Montréal (Canada) in the nanobioengineering laboratory, where she developed microfluidic tools for biological purposes. In 2009, she joined the Institute of BioEngineering of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain) to study the role of mechanical forces on cells using microfluidics.

Research Interest:

  • Cellular Mechanics
  • Mechanobiology
  • Mechanotransduction
  • Microfluidics for Biology
  • Cancer Mechanics


Professor at Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL), CH

Ph. D Philippe Renaud is Professor at the Microsystems Laboratory and scientific Director of the Centre of MicroNanotechnogy at EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland).
He is also Director of the EPFL Centre of Microtechnology (CMI), a large clean-room facility with processing equipment for training and scientific experimentation in microelectronic and micro-fabrication processes.
Since 1996, he has been Chairman and organizer of the international Nanotech Conference on Micro- and Nano-technologies for Biosciences.

Research Interests:

  • Microsystem design
  • Micro-fabrication technologies for micro-sensor applications, microfluidics and biomicrosystems applications


CEO and Founder of Advanced Silicon

Since 2010, Ph. D Hussein Ballan is co-founder and Board director of Weida Hitech, a Taiwan corporation dedicated for Touch IC Business for consumer and IT applications.
Before, he successfully founded Advanced Silicon SA in Lausanne in 2002 and 4 years later he set-up the Advanced Silicon Taiwan Branch for production and incubation of Power IC Motor Business in IT applications.

Dr. David Nanchen

MD, CHUV Lausanne

Dr. med. David Nanchen, MD, MSc from the University of Lausanne, is head of the center for clinical and community prevention in the Department of ambulatory care and community medicine.  He is a board member of the Swiss Atherosclerosis Association (AGLA, www.gsla.ch), and has clinical expertise in primary care, cardiovascular prevention and lipid management, and was trained in clinical epidemiology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Dr David Nanchen is currently conducting research projects to improve cardiovascular prevention in the general population and in adults with cardiovascular disease, such as the identification of high-risk adults who will benefit most from preventive drugs, and the development of educational tools for management of dyslipidemia.